Easter Miracle Oil from Australia

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At the Darwin venue of the Australian Mission a young lady, Rita, came forward and conveyed her incredible story relating to the ‘Seal of the icon-of-our-lady-of-australiaLiving God’. She had experienced a spiritual awakening as a result of discovering the ‘Book of Truth’ messages. She then started to spread the messages, and hand out ‘The Seal of the Living God’ far and wide.
In December of 2012, she was preparing to go to a Christmas party of the St Vincent De Paul Society in Darwin.
She decided to print off 140 Seals as that was the number of people expected at the party. Her intention was to give a ‘Seal’ to every person attending the party.
Rita was unable to print the ‘Seals’ until the day of the party. She had printed off 140 A4 sized ‘Seals’ and wanted to laminate them to protect them from any damage. The problem was that the laminating process was very slow. Rita had produced only 65 laminated ‘Seals’ and already she was going to be late for the party. She decided however to only take the 65 laminated Seals to the party and to at least distribute them. She quickly drove to a priest and had the ‘Seals’ blessed and then to the party. She was admonishing herself, crying and was terribly upset that she had let the Lord down by not keeping her commitment to Him. She wanted everyone to have a ‘Seal’ but she knew she would miss the party entirely, and sure enough she arrived late.
There were 140 people at the party. They all received a ‘Seal of the Living God’ from her. There were 15 left over which were distributed elsewhere.

When she went home that afternoon she saw the ‘Seals’ sitting on the floor which she had been unable to laminate in time for the party. She was thanking and praising the Lord for this wonderful miracle He had performed, to help her in this way. Rita was seeking confirmation of the miracle and randomly opened the Bible at …..the ‘loaves and fishes story’ …. and the word “Trust” was spoken to her.
This is another miracle indicating the powerful protection that comes with the ‘Seal of the Living God’.
New Development in Rita’s Story – Easter Sunday, April 2014
fullsizerenderRita, who is an avid and courageous evangeliser of ‘The Book of Truth’ messages, experienced an amazing miracle on Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014. This miracle it would seem, represents a powerful confirmation of the miracle of multiplication of the ‘Seal of the Living God’, described above.
Rita was doing the readings for the Easter Sunday Mass in her parish. During the reading people noticed that her dress, of green colour with no patterns, was darkening around the region of her heart. The darkening initially took the shape of a flower. It was in fact caused by oil forming on her skin. The fabric was such that when it became wet with the oil, went a much darker shade of green, so that the appearance and spread of the oil was clear for all to see. The oil had, at that point, appeared all over her body. Rita announced it to the priest before he gave the final blessing at the end of the Mass. He excitedly exclaimed ‘Alleluia’. There were around 130 people present at that Mass, who all observed the miracle as it was occurring.
img_0550A friend of Rita’s drove her to two other priests in neighbouring parishes as well as the Bishop, showing them the miracle as it was taking place. The oil kept coming for a full thirteen hour period. The front of the dress ultimately became drenched in oil from about a centimetre below the neckline all the way to the base.
All who witnessed this powerful sign from Heaven, were deeply moved.
Rita’s hair, which had been in a ponytail all day, was drenched with oil at the end of the day.
Some oil was collected in a vial, for analysis and was found to be a form of paraffin oil. Paraffin oil is an inert oil that burns perfectly, no smoke , no smell. It is often used in sanctuary lamps. This miracle seems to be pointing us to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament as the times of tribulation approach.
When she placed her hands on the tabernacle the oil became much heavier and flowed more profusely. It also flowed more rapidly when she placed them on the ‘Seal of the Living God’, ‘The Book of Truth’, and the ‘Crusade Prayers’.
One lady said she smelt a Sandalwood fragrance coming from the oil, and another lady smelt myrrh. Most smelt a beautiful rose fragrance.
Rita said that the dress had, at a certain point, an image of the Face of Jesus on it. Rita has a photograph of this image.
The dress remains stored and soaked in the oil that miraculously materialised that Easter Sunday in Darwin.

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